The problem

Currently, more than 21% of the European population is over 65 years old (156 million people), 96% of whom are ageing in their own homes. In Spain and the rest of Europe in general, around 75% of health expenditure (4.8% of GDP) is dedicated to this population segment.

Tucuvi identifies the following problems with the management and care of the elderly:

Ineffective technological solutions to ensure ageing at home.

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Gaps in the care and clinical follow-up of these patients at home.


Adherence to treatment less than 50% (12,500M euros/year lost due to poor adherence).

Avoidable hospital readmissions and decompensations .

the solution

Tucuvi is a home care solution based on artificial intelligence and voice technology as a virtual caregiver (Virtual Healthcare Assistant). Its mission is to guarantee the continuity of care for the elderly in their homes.

The virtual assistant calls the patient on the phone, initiating an intelligent conversation to offer and collect information, establishing alarms that allow for preventive action.

Its software consists of a central engine of artificial intelligence, specialized in language and voice recognition of the elderly with different modules that can be customized for the different cases of use.

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the sustainable development goals

SDG 3: Health and well-being: Tucuvi works to ensure health and well-being, especially for the elderly, through continuity of care in the home. Tucuvi's activity is therefore aligned with target 3.d: to strengthen the capacity of countries in early warning, risk reduction and health risk management.

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and infraestructure: The innovative component is key, developing technology at the service of the elderly in their care and accompaniment in solitude. Tucuvi's activity is therefore linked to target 9.5: to increase scientific research and improve the technological capacity of countries' industrial sectors, including by promoting innovation.


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Number of people in continuous care

People with continuous assistance who, without Tucuvi's technology, would not have access to it because of the existing assistance gap. Thus, medical visits every 6 months or admissions to the emergency department due to decompensation are avoided.

Number of alert situations detected

Detection of alert or emergency situations during conversations for care professionals to urgently attend to such cases.

Efficiency and cost savings to the health system

The virtual assistant can perform part of the work of multiple health workers, giving them support in the most routine tasks, which will allow optimizing the work of professionals and saving costs to the health system. 

¿por qué invertimos en tucuvi?

Tucuvi or how to turn the complicated into something simple


Tucuvi trabaja para garantizar la salud y bienestar, especialmente a las personas mayores, a través de la continuidad asistencial en el hogar. La actividad de Tucuvi está por tanto alineada con la meta 3.d: reforzar la capacidad de los países  en materia de alerta temprana, reducción de riesgos y gestión de los riesgos para la salud. Keep reading